There are many types of pool cues to choose from but the main thing when choosing a pool cue depends on the game you are playing and the size of the cue ball which can define the cue you choose.

There are different size cue balls which are; your standard cue balls 2”, English cue balls 1 7/8, Snooker balls 2 1/16 and American is 2 ¼. The ball sizes and their weights require the cues to be made differently for optimum control for players for the game they choose to play.

English pool cues are usually made of ash wood which has a noticeable grain. They feature a small brass ferrule for added strength and a course leather tip for grip ofthe chalk. The English pool cue is the thinnest bodied out of all types, with the smallest normally 8-9mm.

Snooker cues are also ash wood and are very similar to English pool cues. The tip cue is coarse leather and usually 9-10mm. The cue tip sizes is to accommodate the size of the cue ball. The ferrule on a snooker cue tends to be made of stainless steel for increased strength through the cue.

American pool cues are usually made out of maple wood and are lighter in colour. The tip of the cue is course and usually 13-14mm this is ideal for larger pool balls. The tip of the cue is supported by a thick plastic ferrule which gives shock absorbing qualities.