Arcade Amusements

Our Arcade machines are hand built and fully tested and meet required CE regulations ensuring the arcade machines are made to the highest quality standard. The care and quality that goes into each machine makes these arcade machines high quality ,reliable and guaranteed to last.

All the games are the original arcade game and not copies. The screens are high quality top brand monitors. The monitors are brighter, clearer and the colours are more vivid. The machines can be viewed from all angles unlike other arcade machines which can only be viewed straight on making it harder for others to see the game.

Our machines are fitted with toughened 6mm thick glass for super clear vision. Unlike some other arcade machines fitted with perspex which are not as clear and are prone to scratching and cracking easily.

All the components of the arcade machine (joysticks, buttons) are made with high quality genuine arcade grade pieces designed to last years of high use. Every piece of wood is checked before manufacturing for any imperfections and replaced with a perfect piece! These arcade machines really speak for themselves! Get yours Today!

**Delivery costs are price on application or picked up direct from our store**

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2 Player Retro Arcade Machine $1,900.00
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2 Player Mortal Combat Arcade Machine $3,799.00
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2 Player Wine Barrel Arcade Machine $2,799.00