9 Ball Grafex Triple X Warp-Resistant 2 Piece Cue with 13mm Tip

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9 Ball/Breaking Cue 13mm Tip Grafex TRIPLE X Multi-Weight Cue Stick 21oz

The revolutionary multi-weight system allows complete flexibility over the cue weight, just un-screw the bumber rubber to remove or add weights.
The cue can be easily adjusted in 1oz increments.
58-inch Graphite Cue
2 piece, 21 ounce heavy cue (weight adjustable)
Warp proof and damage resistant
Stainless steel joint
High Quality layered 13mm tip, perfect for a BREAKING CUE or  American 9 Ball Pool

Holographic unique design which is sure to impress every pool player around the table.

🔥 What Makes Grafex Cues Special🔥

⭐️  Graphite cues are more durable than wooden cues and are warp-resistant.

⭐️  Smooth revolutionary slim tapered shaft allows for unparalleled control and performance, offering the strongest and steadiest stroke.

⭐️ Utilising the highest quality components and top quality craftsman innovations, Grafex has a reputation as one of the leading graphite cues in the world today.

⭐️ Choosing a Grafex Cue stick is choosing a cue that combines style, quality and performance to produce a truly magnificent product.

🤩  The Cue Shop is proud to be able to offer you the Grafex cue ranges. The stunning look and feel, combined with the superior design of the graphite cues allow for maximum performance with minimum