Cuetec Fibreglass Cue (MULTIPLE COLOURS)

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Product Description

Cuetec Fibreglass Cue

The 58" 2 piece Cuetec Fiberglass Pool Cue demonstrates exceptional blue power and balance. Constructed with an extra hard solid word core, the cue is then power bonded with multiple layers of resistant fibreglass to block out moisture and temperature changes. This power bonding gives the Cuetec Fiberglass Cue outstanding protection from warping, chips and dents.

- High-density rubber bumper

- Warp resistant

- Excellent quality joint 

- Premium quality brass ferrule

- 10mm Elkmaster tip

Colours available: Black, Blue, Green and Red.


🔥  Cuetec® now revolutionizes billiards! 🔥

- Cuetec® start with the best available Hard Rock Maple.

⭐️ Cuetec® use only the best tips, ferrules, joints, and wraps.

- Cuetec® seal the exposed ends with a fibre nylon insert to prevent atmospheric conditions from affecting the wood.

- Cuetec® use only state of the art construction equipment and techniques.

⭐️ The quality control is second to none.

- Cuetec® put forth all of this effort to ensure you get the finest professional-quality production cue made today.

⭐️ Cuetec® also do something out of the ordinary.

- Cuetec® price this professional quality cue so that everyone can afford it!

🤩  Now anyone can buy the same production cue that several of the world champion players use. 

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