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Colourful hard 2 piece cue case 32"

Hard Cue Case 2 Piece 32″

C44 Pool Snooker Billiard Cue Stick Two Piece Case This sturdy cue stick case carries one 2 piece cue in a protective hard case.  This cue case is great for...
Blue Leather Screw in Pool Cue Tip

Blue Leather Screw in Pool Cue Tip

Screw In Pool Cue Tips The Blue Leather Screw In Tips from Formula Sports are an excellent, economic choice for your pool or snooker cue.  The pack of 6 tips...
dufferin hcy ash pool cue

Dufferin HCY Ash Pool Cue

$115.00 – $160.00
Dufferin HCY 57" Cue Designed in Canada, the Dufferin range is known for their legendary quality and cue resilience and dependability. Well known within the pool, snooker and billiard industry,...
Eagle Claw Shaft With Ring

Eagle Claw Shaft With Ring

Product Specification Eagle Claw Shafts are manufactured from a tough and durable nylon material with a 2BA thread. The deep cut in the shaft ensures your flight can be pushed...
Diamond Pro Cue Tip Glue On

Diamond Pro Cue Tip Glue On

Product Specification The Formula Sports Diamond Pro Glue On Tips are an excellent choice for your pool, billiards or snooker cue.  Made from leather, the blue tips easily glue on...
12 Pack Pioneer Cue Chalk

12 Pack Pioneer Cue Chalk

$5.00 – $6.20
Pioneer Cue Chalk - Large Pack Chalk to dust the tips of pool, snooker and billiard cues.  An essential item for any pool table.  Available in a jumbo pack of...
Pioneer Pool Cue Chalk

6 Pack Pioneer Cue Chalk

Pioneer cue chalk Chalk to dust the tips of pool, snooker and billiard cues.  An essential item for any pool table.  Available in a pack of 6 or sold separately. ...
Individual elk master cue tips sold separately

Individual Elk Master Cue Tips

If you don't need a full box of these top quality cue tips you can now purchase them individually. Crafted from high quality, mineral-tanned leather, Elk Master tips wear well and hold...
Pro Grip Shafts in a range of colours

Pro Grip Dart Shafts

$4.51 – $5.72
Target Pro Grip Dart Shafts Pro Grip Vision shaft is a fusion between Target Pro Grip technology and Vision design. Featuring an incredible smooth lead-in for the ultimate grip and...
Grafex Tournament 2 Piece Pool Cue

Grafex Tournament 2 Piece Pool Cue

Grafex Tournament 2 Piece Pool Cue This Grafex Tournament Pool, Snooker, Billiard Cue is guaranteed to impress. The finish on this graphite cue is impeccably smooth and glides through the fingers...
Target ProGrip spin shafts in black, clear, white

Pro Grip Spin Shaft

$4.35 – $5.78
Incorporating all the elements of the best-selling Target Pro Grip shaft, the Pro Grip Spin is a polycarbonate spinning shaft that features Hydrogel technology to produce a smooth, consistent movement...
FSA Windsor Pool Cue

FSA Windsor 2 Piece Ash Cue

FSA Windsor Ash 2pc Cue Not only does the Formula Sports Windsor Ash Cue catch your eye with its beautiful marble pearl design at the butt of the cue, this...
Pool Table triangle available 1 7/8 inch, 2 inch and 2 1/16 inch
1-7/8″2"2 1/16"2 1/4"

Plastic Pool Triangle (15 Balls)

Product Specification 15 Ball triangle for playing pool  Plastic triangle, different sizes available.  Looking for a 10 ball or snooker plastic triangle? Shop here!  
cue goo rapid cue tip adhesive

Cue Goo - Rapid Cue Tip Adhesive Glue

The one-of-a-kind Cue Goo Cue Tip Glue is a RAPID adhesive to repair leather and rubber cue tips. No clamp required, and your cue is ready to play again in...
nylon 4 piece pool cue

Adjustable Length 4 Piece Nylon-Wound Cue

Customisable/Adjustable Length Four Piece Pool Cue The 57" Adjustable four piece wooden pool cue can adjust to 52", 49", 44". The cue Stick tip is a leather 10 mm screw...
Cue tip cement

Cue Tip Cement

Cue Tip Cement The Formula Sports Cue Tip Cement is made from rubber cement and is used to repair cue tips. It can be used on rubber, wood, metal bonding...
Oak Cue Rack
4 cues6 cues8 cues12 cues

Oak Cue Rack

$22.00 – $38.50
Formula Sports Oak Cue Rack features high-quality wood construction, solid and durable.  Configurations available are: 4 Cue 6 Cue 8 Cue 12 Cue Comes with screws for easy mounting flush...
Fluro Composite Cue in Purple, pink, blue and white

Fluro 2 Piece Composite Cue FSA

$60.50 – $75.90
FSA FLURO Neon 2 Piece Composite Pool, Snooker, Billiard Cue The Formula Sports Fluro 2pce Cue features pincher-style point design that sure to impress. Not only does this cue look...
Robson plus standard flights

Robson Plus Standard Flights

Product Specification Robson Plus flights are moulded plastic flights with 90-degree rigid wings for reliable and accurate trajectory without the need for shaft and flight protectors. The cross form is...
Grafex Neon 57" Fluroscent Graphite Pool Cue

Grafex Neon 57" Fluroscent Graphite Pool Cue

The Grafex NEON Fluro Graphite Warp Resistant Pool Snooker Billiard Cue The Grafex ‘Neon’ Fluro Graphite Cue Series offers a powerful and consistent stroke generating accurate cue ball contact. Featuring fluorescent...