Pool Cues

The Cue Shop sources and stocks a select number of pool cues for sale. Our cues are of consistent high quality and used by pubs, billiard and snooker clubs, keen social players through to local and district associations, and pool competitions. 

If you visit us in-store, we will spend time with you discussing the different cue sizes and styles. You will have the option to try our range of cues on our pool table so you can really get a feel for the cue and decide if it matches your playing style. Won't have a chance to pop in store? Not a worry, give us a call or send us an email and we can help you there. 

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2 piece pub cue

2 Piece Pub Cue - Formula Sport

2 Piece Pub 57' Cue  The ideal cue for a busy pool table, is a cue to be shared by multiple players.  Strong and durable, these pool cues can handle...
one piece pub cue

1 Piece Pub Cue

$17.00 – $29.00
1 Piece Pub Club House Pool Snooker Billiard Cue Formula Sports Pub 1pce Cue is a classic timber cue. Easy to grip due to the textured grip and glossy lacquer...
dufferin hcy ash pool cue

Dufferin HCY Ash Pool Cue

$99.00 – $106.00
Dufferin HCY 57" Cue Designed in Canada, the Dufferin range is known for their legendary quality and cue resilience and dependability. Well known within the pool, snooker and billiard industry,...
Kids pool cue.

Rumpus 1 Piece Kids Pool Cue

$31.90 – $35.20
Rumpus 1 Piece Kids Cue Stick The Rumpus 1 Piece Children's Pool, Snooker, Billiard Cue is the perfect cue for all young beginner pool players. The one piece cue features...
grafex supreme two piece pool cue

Grafex Supreme 2 Piece Multi Weight Pool Cue

Grafex Supreme Multi-Weight Cue Stick The revolutionary multi-weight system allows complete flexibility over the cue weight, just un-screw the bumber rubber to remove or add weights.The cue can be easily...
Grafex Tournament 2 Piece Pool Cue

Grafex Tournament 2 Piece Pool Cue

Grafex Tournament 2 Piece Pool Cue This Grafex Tournament Pool, Snooker, Billiard Cue is guaranteed to impress. The finish on this graphite cue is impeccably smooth and glides through the fingers...
FSA Windsor Pool Cue

FSA Windsor 2 Piece Ash Cue

FSA Windsor Ash 2pc Cue Not only does the Formula Sports Windsor Ash Cue catch your eye with its beautiful marble pearl design at the butt of the cue, this...
nylon 4 piece pool cue

Adjustable Length 4 Piece Nylon-Wound Cue

Customisable/Adjustable Length Four Piece Pool Cue The 57" Adjustable four piece wooden pool cue can adjust to 52", 49", 44". The cue Stick tip is a leather 10 mm screw...
Px2 8 ball cue with 9mm tip.

PX2 Pool, Snooker, Billiard Cue

The Palko Hand Made PX2 cue A great all-rounder value, traditional pool cue. Great quality for the price and has great feel and control. If you're looking for an excellent-weighted pool...
Fluro Composite Cue in Purple, pink, blue and white

Fluro 2 Piece Composite Cue FSA

$60.50 – $75.90
FSA FLURO Neon 2 Piece Composite Pool, Snooker, Billiard Cue The Formula Sports Fluro 2pce Cue features pincher-style point design that sure to impress. Not only does this cue look...
Grafex Neon 57" Fluroscent Graphite Pool Cue

Grafex Neon 57" Fluroscent Graphite Pool Cue

The Grafex NEON Fluro Graphite Warp Resistant Pool Snooker Billiard Cue The Grafex ‘Neon’ Fluro Graphite Cue Series offers a powerful and consistent stroke generating accurate cue ball contact. Featuring fluorescent...
FSA pro series with extension

FSA Pro Series High Performance Ash 2pc & Ext Cue

FSA Pro Series cues are an elite cue range. Constructed from premium grade ash, this cue impresses everyone that tests it on our pool table.  This particular high performance 57"...
Lumex Cruiser Pool Cue

Lumex Cruiser Pool Cue

Lumex Cruiser Pool Cue The Palko Lumex Cruiser Pool Cue is a fantastic cue from the acclaimed Lumex range. The Lumex Cruiser is designed for 8 ball/English pool/snooker as it...
px4 short pool cue

PX4 48" Handmade 3/4 Ash Cue

Are you looking for a short or junior pool cue? The Palko PX4 Handmade Cue is a fantastic all ash, traditional pool cue. This cue is great for kids who respect the...
World Champion Cue With Special Carry Case

World Champion Cue With Special Carry Case

World Champion 2 Piece Pool Cue With Special Carry Case Improve your game with the Mitchell Sports World Champion Ash Pool Cue with Special Carry Case. This cue is a replica...
9 ball maple cue in red

9 Ball Maple Cue

9 Ball Maple 2pce Cues available in Blue and Red. 58″ with 50/50 Split 13mm Brown Glue on Tip Plastic Ferrule Black Veltex Grip Medium Weighted Suitable for American nine...

FSA Ash PU Grip - Weight Adjustable

Formula Sports Australia Weight Adjustable Soft Grip Ash Premium Pool Cue This superior ash cue features a deluxe rubber grip for added comfort and control. It has been constructed from...
Dufferin Hi Run 1 Piece Cue (MULTIPLE SIZES)

Dufferin Hi Run 1 Piece Cue (MULTIPLE SIZES)

$71.45 – $131.94
Dufferin Hi Run 1 Piece Pool Cue Designed in Canada, the Dufferin range is known for their legendary quality which features exclusive Dufferin protective high gloss, with a scrape-resistance UV...
cuetec powerbond pool & snooker cue

Cuetec Powerbond Pool Snooker Billiard 2 Piece Cue

The Cuetec Powerbond Warp Resistant Cue is a premium grade cue stick with a solid timber core encased in Fibreglass with a powerbond fibre finish. This highly technical engineering ensures...
px5 pool snooker billiard cue

PX5 Handmade Cue

The Palko PX5 Handmade Cue is made to the highest specifications with quality ash timber. The machine-splice adds a unique aesthetic appeal to an excellent weighted cue which offers great...