Aramith Premier Kelly Pool Balls

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Product Description

Aramith Pool Balls Premier Grade.

Aramith balls last up to five times longer than standard polyester balls and are a must for all skill-building at-home players, to professional pool, snooker and billiard players. 

Unlike mass-produced standard balls, Aramith balls are of professional quality made in Belgium completely from phenolic resin. Phenolic resin is tougher, more durable and has an unimpeachable shine and colour. You can feelthe ball density and difference when striking an Aramith ball. Unlike standard balls, Aramith balls are completely composed of phenolic resin and therefore if you were to slice a striped ball in half, you can see the whole of the colour and stripe all the way through the middle. Phenolic resin guarantees maximum ball response and less friction, meaning they will in-turn increase the longevity of your pool cloth.

1 High longevity
The PREMIUM resin with Vitrotech technology hardens and vitrifies the surface for durable brightness.

2 Low yearly table cost
Smooth surface reduces drastically the table cloth wear resulting in far less cloth and ball replacement.

3 Made of Aramith Premium
Aramith Phenolic resin with high impact resistance and prolonged longevity..

4 High quality standards
For 8 criteria : density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, weight.

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