Formula Sports 48" Composite Cue

48" Composite Cue

The 2 piece 48" composite cue has a 10mm quality glue on tip. The design is warp resistant, spill-proof and easily cleaned. The composite cue features an inner wood core technology that is wrapped with a woven graphite shell. Features an aluminium ferrule.

This durable cue is great for a kids cue, and can also be used if there are any tight corners/spaces whilst playing pool.

The wood core helps provide better feel and hit while the graphite helps protect the cue from dings, dents and warping and adds more power to your game.

This pool cue has a graphite forearm and butt sleeve, approximate weight is from 17oz-18oz and has a deluxe joint included. 

Available in black only. Other colours are availoable in the 57" version. Shop here!

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