Kamui Tips Original Medium 11mm

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Product Description

KAMUIOriginal tip has become well known for adding grip and consistency to the ability of a cue. Now,KAMUI™ leather maintains even more porosity enabling thetip to grip the cue ball to prevent miscuing.

The Kamui Tips are crafted with ten layers of specially selected pig skin and are optimized for maximum humidity resistance and porosity, ensuring your cue tip will keep a more constant shape, elasticity, and chalk absorption.

Moisture proof

The KAMUI tip is made of tanned leather. Tannin-tanned leather, which is also used in many other laminated taps, has more elasticity and toughness than chrome-tanned leather, and although it is suitable as a tap material, it has the disadvantage of easily absorbing moisture. Moisture deteriorates the fibers of the leather and impairs the original elasticity of the leather.

KAMUI has succeeded in improving the moisture resistance of leather by applying special processing to the leather making process. This makes it possible to maintain the elasticity of the tap even in high humidity seasons and environments, reduce cue mistakes, and stably demonstrate the original performance of the tap.


The Cue Shop recommend using a top-quality liquid based glue to secure your tips, like the fast-drying, strong-hold Cue Goo!

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