Shot Outlaw Bristle Dartboard


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Shot Outlaw Bristle Dartboard: the perfect friend for troublemakers!

This durable, self-healing dartboard is built to international tournament standards, making it the perfect tool for dart players of all levels. Its staple-free technology ensures fewer darts are lost to bounce-outs, meaning more time for you to unleash your wild side!

This full-size 18" x 1 1/2" dartboard complies with World Dart Federation specifications to ensure quality and to give you an edge against competitors. There are no staples preventing bounce-outs, which means better scores every time. The Outlaw features a removable number ring for easy board rotation, this extends the playing life of your board. We suggest you rotate the number ring regularly to even out wear. The Outlaw is made from quality sisal, a high-density fiber that is compressed into a sturdy dartboard, extending its life and allowing it to self-heal. The fibers expand when a dart tip is removed to close the area around the puncture. We use durable inks that will provide a vibrant, colorfast surface, meaning this board will stay looking good for longer.

Use the enclosed wall bracket for easy installation and board rotation without ever having to remove the dartboard. This gives you more time to play and less time re-adjusting your board.  Hang it in the homestead, the saloon or wherever you corral your gang.


Made from Quality Sisal
Superfine, staple-free razor-bladed wires mean consistently higher scores. 
Removable Number Ring
Non-Fade Colours
Easy to Install
Full size 18" x 1 1/2"