Knowing Your Dart Shafts

Two darts both hitting bullseye on a dartboard

One of the main questions we are asked at The Cue Shop is "What is the difference between all the shafts?" We have taken the time to break down all the different shaft sizes and styles to take the guess work out of choosing the perfect dart shaft to suit your game play. The other question that we always get asked is "why is there a difference in length of dart shafts?" Shafts come in six different lengths but the most popular lengths that we tend to sell the most of is short, intermediate and medium shafts. Usually the length of dart shaft can help correct any excessive wobble issues that you face when throwing your darts; generally the smaller the shaft length the less wobble occurs.

Selecting your dart shaft and flights really depends on the dart players personal preference and what it feels like for the individual. It is important for us at The Cue Shop to let our customers 'try before they buy' so they can get the most accurate customisation for their darts and have a feel of everything. The best bit of advice we can give our customers is modify your dart to match your style of throw rather than selecting a completely new dart set to adjust your throw.

Plastic/Nylon Dart Shafts

  • Suite recreational players/ entry level players
  • 3 different lengths extra short, short, medium
  • Most basic shafts
  • Great value for money

Ring Grip Nylon Dart Shaft

  • Suited for serious player
  • Designed to keep flight on shaft during play
  • Also Known as eagle claw shafts (Shot Darts), pro vision shafts (Target), Ring Grip Shafts (Formula sports)

Poly-carbonate Dart Shafts

  • Similar to nylon but stronger and more durable

Solid Aluminium Dart Shafts

  • Suited recreational and professional players
  • 4 different lengths available
  • Stylish, high quality and durable

Carbon Fiber/ Carbon Composite Dart Shafts

  • Light weight and durable
  • Slightly more expensive than plastic/nylon
  • Durability of aluminium shaft without potential for loosening in the barrel or bending, so it maintains the accuracy of your darts over time

Spinning Dart Shafts

  • Variety of spinning shaft styles available
  • Allow the flight to turn out the way when struck by another dart. This does not improve the flight of dart through air but allows tighter groups by letting flights align with each other
  • reduces torn flights, robin hooded, and deflections

Composite Shafts

  • Plastic bases that thread into the dart combined with aluminium or metal alloy top that hold the flights
  • Excellent shafts
  • Durable and will not vibrate loose from the barrel as easy as aluminium shafts
  • Generally available with replaceable tops for convenience

If there is any more information about dart shafts that we haven’t answered in this article, please feel free to contact us and we can assist with your answer, our friendly team are here to help! We pride ourselves in creating informative information for our customers to help them make educated buying decisions.