What's the difference between the Blade 6, the Blade 6 Dual Core and the Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboards?

What's the difference between the Blade 6, the Blade 6 Dual Core and the Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboards?

The latest 2022 release by Winmau has welcomed three new state of the art dartboards representing impressive dartboard innovation and craftsmanship. The Triple Core is now OFFICIALLY the board sponsored by the PDC for 2022. The three latest boards by Winmau are:

At a first glance one can see slight differences in their appearance - most notably in the Blade 6 Triple Core featuring the "world's first laser cut anti-glare number ring"- however, the true differences lie in the composition of each board's core. Have a read below to find out the major differences between each board to work out which is the best for you. 

What All 3 Boards Have in Common

  1. Similar to the Blade 6's predecessor (the Blade 5 Dartboard), all Winmau Blade 6 boards are made from the finest East African sisal fibres optimised to ensure exceptional retention and self-healing.
  2. The entire range come with the Rota-lock mounting system. More than a standard dartboard bracket, the Rota-lock system ensures the board stays level on virtually any surface, and allows players to adjust the board easily and with accuracy. 
  3. All boards are Professional Tournament approved and are made to official World Darts Federation specifications. The dimensions of all the Blade 6 boards are: 450mm (diameter) x 38mm (thickness).
  4. Last, but in no ways least - the wire. The Winmau Blade dartboard ranges are well known for their staple-free and bladed construction. The new Blade 6 range features 25% thinner wires angled at 60° which are designed to further minimise bounce outs and lost scores. The "web design" (or wiring) incorporates the latest ‘Density Control™’ for optimum fibre density and better dart retention in the double, treble and bullseye zones. This is designed to maximise scoring. 

Now What's the Difference?

Blade 6 Single Core Standard Dartboard new Winamu Dartboard 2022 

First, let's start with the standard Blade 6 Dartboard. The Blade 6 Board features a standard single core - also referred to as "one-layer" - which is standard across most contemporary sisal dartboards. Because of this, the board features 'veins' or cracks throughout the surface - this isn't necessarily a defect, it is a byproduct of the joining sisal biscuits and is visible in higher quality sisal boards. Some people actually like this marbling look as it represents a good quality sisal dartboard (in comparison to a cheaper board, like a paper dartboard). The appearance, both the number ring and the board itself, is similar to the Winmau Blade 5, however, it comes with thinner and better angled wiring as discussed earlier. 

Our Price: $149.99


Blade 6 Dual Core Dartboard new Winmau Dartboard 2022

Remember those cracks we spoke about earlier? You won't find them on the Blade 6 Dual Core Dartboard . What's the benefit of this? Well, whilst cracks in a dartboard aren't necessarily a defect, there is a chance that over time and extended use they can open up and can lead to fallen darts and lost scores. Similar to the Blade 5 Dual Core, which is arguably known as one of the best boards on the market, the Blade 6 Dual Core features two cores - hence the name. The outer core is softer than both the inner core and the standard Blade 6 board. This reduced density allows for smoother dart penetration, fewer lost darts and improved self-healing. The firm and compact inner core absorbs excess kinetic energy and allows for better dart grip = higher dart retention, as well as overall durability and improved board life. Anyone who has played on a dual-core dartboard will tell you that you can feel the difference when you play.

Our price: $179.95

 Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard Winmau 2022 Release Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard 2022 Winmau Release

And now onto the Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard which is (arguably) the most innovative dartboard's currently available - as well as being one of the most expensive sisal dartboards. What sets this board apart is the three cores, the number ring and the new spirit level which ensures the board is leveled correctly (one less thing to blame your missed shots on!) Winmau call this new number ring the "world's first laser cut anti-glare number ring", which roughly translates to a number ring which is laser cut from metal. The number ring does compliment the dartboard well and really sets it apart as a more modern board with a less distracting and glaring number ring. The new patented Triple Core is a third (inner) higher compression layer composed of carbon fibre reinforced sisal. This optimal fibre density is designed to make the Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard the most technically advanced dartboard available, as well as the longest lasting dartboard currently on the market. 

Our price: $198

So is the Blade 6 Triple Core worth the price tag?

There's no argument that this is the most aesthetically pleasing board from the Winmau Blade series and perhaps the most technologically advanced sisal board available, however, it is too early to tell if the Blade 6 Triple Core will live up to longevity claims. This board was only just released in Australia (December 2021) so we may need to wait another 6-12 months to compare its life and quality with its major competitors (and the Blade 5 Dual Core). Still, if we know anything from Winmau, it is that they do not skip on their quality especially with their critically acclaimed boards. It would be safe to assume that these may be the best boards we have ever seen, and will see for some time.