The Australian Walkabout Pool Cue Range

Australian pool cues

The Australian Walkabout Pool Cue Range

Australian-Designed Cues Featuring Australian-Sourced Jarrah and Sheoak

Without argument, our team agrees that the Australian Jarrah and Sheoak Walkabout range is one of our all-time favourite ranges, with the two piece Jarrah & Sheoak and Sheoak & Jarrah cues being one of the best pool cues under $200 currently on the market. Maybe we have a bias being an Australian owned and operated business, however, we have nothing but positive things to say about the Australian Walkabout cue stick range. This is confirmed by all of our customer's valuable feedback in-store and online; we are yet to hear a single complaint about these outstanding cues.

The Specifications

Measuring 57 inches long and being a medium-weighted cue, the Walkabout range of 1 piece and 2 piece cues feature a glue-on 10mm quality leather tip. The tip is already shaped and scuffed to a perfectly-fitting 9mm, meaning it is ready to play. This makes it the ideal choice as a cue for English pool, Australian pool and even as a snooker cue. The Australian-designed cue sticks feature a brass ferrule.

The One Piece Cue Design

The Walkabout one piece cues are available in two designs.  The Sheoak 1 piece cue features a Sheoak butt, with an Ebony and Jarrah splice. The Jarrah 1 piece cue features a Jarrah butt, with an Ebony and Sheoak splice. The Jarrah timber is darker than the Sheoak timber, and these are both Australian-sourced timbers. As expected of traditional and professional pool and snooker cues, the shaft is made of quality Ash wood to ensure lower cue ball deflection and the ability to produce ball spin. 

The Two Piece Cue Design

With only a slight price increase, the Walkabout range comes in two unique 2 piece styles which are of a higher quality than their 1 piece counterparts. This is showcased through the expert splicing above the cue butt and the Ebony splicing, which is hand-splicing that connects the Australian timber to the ash shaft. Unlike the machine-spliced one piece cues which feature a sharp triangle-shaped splice, the two piece cues feature a distinguishable rounded splicing as expected in expert-hand-spliced professional cues. These cues are available in Jarrah & Sheoak (with Jarrah being closer to the butt), and Sheoak & Jarrah (with Sheoak being closer to the butt). In case you forgot, Jarrah is generally darker than Sheoak. The joint of these two piece cues are second-to-none. With a vacuum-like joint, the two piece Walkabout cues provide a consistent shot with a unified play alike to a professional one piece cue. Similar to their one piece cousins, the two piece Walkabout cues feature a traditional ash shaft.

Rather than reading about what is so special about these cue sticks, why not try one out for yourself?