How Will My Pool Cue Be Packed?

How Will My Pool Cue Be Packed?

At The Cue Shop we stand behind all of our products and only stock quality cues. All of our incoming and outgoing cues are quality checked with focus on straightness, tip quality, and overall design including any paint or decals. We first check each cue when they arrive in our store, and we will again check each cue before it is placed on our shelves, or before it is packed and shipped. 


For all of our online orders, we personally check each cue before sending. From there, your cue is carefully packed to ensure it remains in perfect condition until it reaches your door. Here is what we do to ensure that your cue stays safe during the shipping process


  1. All cues are first placed into a PVC plastic sleeve which separates the cue shaft from the butt (in the case of two piece cues). This is to prevent any cosmetic damage, such as paint chips, from the pieces clashing together during transport. 
  2. From there, we firmly wrap the cue with durable kraft-backed bubble wrap. This thicker bubble wrap acts as a sturdy protective layer for the cue protecting both the internal and external mechanisms. 
  3. Then we place the cue in a firm cardboard box which is taped and sealed. We make sure that there is sufficient bubble wrap to ensure that there is minimal movement for the cue in the box. 
  4. Finally, we mark the boxes as fragile and cover the box with fragile tape. 


We recommend storing your cue in a cue case to protect both the interior and exterior of the cue. If a case is purchased with a cue, we will still place the cue in a PVC sleeve before placing the cue in the case. This both protects the exterior of the cue, as well as the interior due to minimised movement in the case. From there, we will wrap the case in kraft-back bubble wrap, before securing the cue and case in a fragile-marked cardboard box. Check out our cue cases here!