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Whether you're new to pool and snooker, want to enhance your professional game, or simply jazz up your pool room, there are plenty of pool, snooker and billiard accessories available that can make all the difference. Playing with the right accessories isn't just about convenience — they can lead to a much more enhanced level of play.

From pool cue tips, pool chalk, ball cleaners and cue racks, The Cue Shop has all the essentials you need to make your pool game a success. 

Pool Cue Tips

A good quality cue tip is imperative to play well in any game game of pool, snooker or other cue sports. It is always a good idea to have extra cue tips available on hand. There are a wide variety of pool cue tips to choose from depending on the type on the cue used, the billiards game being played, and the effect desired (e.g. a powerful shot, or optimal ball spin). When it comes to cue stick tips, the two important things to consider are tip size and tip hardness.

The games most commonly played throughout Australia are English pool (also known as blackball pool or English-8 ball) and snooker. These games typically require soft to medium tips between 8.5mm-10.5mm, providing a great combination of more ball spin and control. This tip size matches well with the ball size used for these games, which are usually around 1 7/8” to 2”. The cue balls used in the American 9 ball game are larger (2 1/4”) and therefore require hard, larger sized cue tips between 12mm-13mm, which allow for greater force transfer when jumping, breaking and playing. This compliments the American Pool/9 ball games, which opt for a faster game than the English version, with less emphasis on finesse shots and ball spin.

Cue tip replacement is a fairly straightforward process. Many people often assume that better quality cues have screw-in tips, and cheaper cues have glue on tips - it is actually the opposite! Screw-in tips are generally used for cheap, lower grade cues, like the ones you see at pubs. Medium to high quality pool cues come standard with a glue-on tip, and with a bit of practice and following the proper instructions, you’ll manage to change your cue tips with no trouble at all. Most people change their tips when there is little left, whilst many professionals actually have a schedule in place of when to change their tip! 

Need some glue on tips? The Deluxe Cue Repair Kit comes with 10mm blue glue on tips (12) and our Standard Cue Tip Repair Kit comes with 6x glue on cue tips. Both kits are suitable for pool, snooker and most other pool table games.  

Different brands of pool cue tips represent different materials, characteristics (e.g. layers or no layers), amongst other factors of quality. For the budding amateur to growing professional, the Elk Master Cue Tips are an affordable and great choice, representing excellent quality or money. They are easy to apply, and easy to shape and sand. They wear well and hold shape for more positive shot making, eliminating miscues and giving you greater confidence behind the cue ball. 

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Pool Cue Rack / Pool Cue Holder

Pool cue racks not only protect the quality and straightness of your cue, they also look great in your pool room! Keeping your cue sticks safe with proper storage plays a major part in maintaining straightness and preventing warping of your pool cue, so it’s a good idea to invest in a rack for your pool room.

If you’re after a cue rack that will accommodate a range of pool accessories such as chalk, triangles, tips and a full set of balls, then a corner cue stand is a perfect option for you. The Cue Shop’s best-selling Corner Cue Stand or Palko Corner Cue Stand both hold 8 pool cues of any size and features built-in coasters to hold your drinks. Designed for easy assembly with no tools needed, our Corner Cue Stands are stylish, strong and classy with a choice of oak, walnut, black or mahogany finish. 

If you want to hang your cues on the wall to keep them away from any pets or young kids, then the Formula Sports Pool and Snooker Cue Holder Rack is a budget-friendly way to display and store your cue sticks on the wall. This sleek rack is made from high-quality wood offering durability and stability. This rack comes with screws for easy mounting flush against any wall, making it easy for you to select your favourite cue.

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Pool Chalk

Pool chalk is essential to maintaining your pool, snooker or other billiard game. Chalking allows you to maintain a solid grip on your pool cue, which helps you make a more straight and accurate shot. Chalk also has the benefit of protecting your cue tips and preventing them from wearing out. A quick note, maintaining your cue tip with a bowtie shaper (which we will discuss in a moment) can be just as important as the quality of chalk, so keep this in mind if you are getting poor chalk retention! 

Many players chalk their cues after every shot to increase tip grip and friction to the ball. The extra grip helps prevent miscues, so your cue does not slide off the cue ball. No matter what kind of cue you’re using, chalk is an essential part of your equipment and you’ll want to ensure you have a fine high-performance product. 

Triangle Chalk has a 75 year reputation for its unparalleled smoothness, made of quality materials designed to help you get more spin on the cue ball and deliver more consistent shots. It will leave you feeling satisfied with its exceptional easy-to-glide properties that truly grips the tip to the cue ball.

Master Chalk is a professional-grade billiard chalk made in the USA. It can be applied evenly and smoothly to all leather cue tips, forming a protective coating that prevents miscues and provides a secure grip for players.

A chalk holder is also something to consider when buying chalk. A great holder makes application easier as our holders are made to fit in your pocket, attach to a belt and/or attach to your pool table pockets. 

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Bowtie Cue Tip Tool

Over time the contact with the ball to your cue tip will harden the tip and cause it to misshape. Maintaining your pool cue tip will improve your game and shot accuracy with 3 simple, yet vital steps: scuffing, shaping and aerating. These 3 steps will allow any chalk to adhere better to your cue tip, allowing for more control over direction, contact and speed of your shot. Having a bowtie cue tip tool to shape and sculpt your cue tips makes this process a lot easier.

The Cuetec Bowtie Cue Tip Tool is a three-in-one pocket tool with three sturdy and unique functions: it reshapes the new tip or used (and misshaped) tip, aerates and cleans the cue tip for better retention chalk mid-game, and buffs and scuffs the cue tip to a velvety smooth finish.

Ball Cleaner

If you take proper care of your pool balls, they will last up to three times longer and keep them from looking dull. Pool ball cleaners are specially formulated to improve the shine and smooth finish to your pool balls. This will help to prolong the life of the pool balls, reducing the likelihood of chipping, and ensures the balls roll more consistently.

The Aramith Ball Cleaner is specially designed for all Aramith - which are made of phenolic resin- removing grime, dirt, and chalk whilst improving the balls’ finish. The Aramith Ball Restorer goes a step further by quickly removing the most stubborn imperfections. Not only does it maintain polish, but it keeps balls looking new. This is recommended on balls older than 6 months.

Cleaning your pool balls will reduce friction and prolong the life of your pool table felt (also called cloth) which improves play, reduces table maintenance and the need to refelt/recloth the pool table. The Cue Shop recommends using the ball cleaner after 15 games or so. For best results, pair with The Aramith Microfibre Cloth to buff the balls to a perfect shine.


Snooker and Pool Triangles and Diamonds

Triangles are vital for all types of pool table games, whether it’s pool, snooker or billiards. You should be able to remove the triangle frame without moving the balls. You can set up your balls without the triangle, but it's time-consuming and difficult. The triangle helps you get the balls in the proper starting position within seconds.

There are various pool triangles to choose from including the following:

Plastic or timber? Whilst it’s simply a matter of personal preference, we usually recommend choosing quality wooden/timber triangle as it can better withstand wear and bending, is resistant to heat and looks stylish on your pool table.

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Cue Tip Repair Kit

From time to time you will have to replace the tip of your pool cue when the thickness wears down, so you don’t increase your chances of miscuing and other ill effects resulted from a worn-out cue tip. With a repair kit, changing your cue tips will be quick and effortless. 

The Mitchell Standard Cue Tip Repair Kit contains all the necessary tools needed to fix a broken, damaged or missing pool cue tip, with everything fitting neatly inside a strong plastic blister pack.

Take your cue maintenance skills to the next level with the Formula Sports' Deluxe Cue Repair Kit, conveniently packaged in a travel-size case and containing everything from chalks, ferrules and sandpaper to a trimmer, cue tip cement, black spots and a cue clamp.

Whichever option you choose, repair kits are a handy accessory to have to repair or replace any damage your pool cue tip may endure. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a casual player or serious enthusiast, it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary pool, snooker, billiard, and other cue sport accessories. Pool and snooker accessories ensure that you are always game ready.

Things like cue racks, extra tips, chalk, and ball cleaners are necessary for any player and can help take your game to the next level.

As a leading Australian retailer of cue sports and accessories, The Cue Shop is on hand to answer any questions you have about the products we stock. We are passionate about cue sports and are happy to help you in any way we can. Contact us today!