Pool, Snooker and Billiard balls - Whats the difference?

Pool, Snooker and Billiard balls - Whats the difference?

People are often left shocked and confused when they notice such a jump in price in different brands of pool, snooker and billiard balls. I mean, don’t they all do the same thing?


The major factors affecting the price of pool, snooker and billiard balls come down to the material the balls are made up of, as well as their construction standards. In general, there are two primary different types of balls: standard balls and Aramith balls. At The Cue Shop, we stock Standard Mitchell Balls and Super Mitchell Balls, which are both constructed of polyester. If you are looking for a better-quality ball which will promote maximum gameplay, as well as best look after your cloth, look no further than the world-renowned Aramith Pool, Snooker, Casino and Billiard Balls.


Mitchell or Standard Balls

Your standard pool, snooker and billiard balls are the balls that come as standard with most pool tables.  They are also what you will find in pubs and recreational clubs which have a pool table as they are cheaper and therefore they are more cost effective to buy and replace if they go missing or are damaged. They are made of polyester or plastic, which is cheap and mass-produced - often from China. Polyester is a synthetic fibre made from coal, air, water and petroleum and creates a hard-plastic shell.


You will find that plastic/polyester balls negatively affect gameplay, especially if you have ever played with Aramith balls. They have a ‘dead hit’ (which you can hear) and ball paths/shots are very inconsistent. This is due to their less-strict and inconsistent construction (minor differences in size, weight and shape). You have a higher chance of missing normal shots and a wider error margin. These balls also wear your pool cloth down faster as they produce more friction.


That being said, standard pool balls are still a fine option for tables in recreational and commercial areas (or where the game isn’t taken as seriously, and balls are likely to be mistreated) or for the casual player who isn’t too interested in building their skill.


The Cue Shop stock the Mitchell range in standard and super. The Mitchell Standard balls are constructed of D-grade polyester and are your lower quality ball. The Mitchell Super balls are constructed of a better-quality A-grade polyester and are less likely to wear your table cloth down as fast. Whilst being standard pool, snooker and billiard balls, the Mitchell range are well-known for their exceptional standards in quality and testing, and are on the higher-end of the spectrum when it comes to non-phenolic (or non-Aramith) pool balls.


Aramith Balls

Aramith pool, billiard, snooker and casino balls are the be-all and end-all when it comes to all pool table games. Unlike mass-produced standard balls, Aramith balls are of professional quality made in Belgium completely from phenolic resin. Phenolic resin is tougher, more durable and have unimpeachable shine and colour. You can feel the ball density and difference when striking an Aramith ball. Unlike standard balls, Aramith balls are completely composed of phenolic resin and therefore if you were to slice a striped ball in half, you can see the whole of the colour and stripe all the way through the middle. Phenolic resin guarantees maximum ball response and less friction, meaning they will in-turn increase the longevity of your pool table cloth.


Unlike standard balls, the manufacturing and testing standards for Aramith balls are incredibly strict and rigid. This is true for the more inexpensive Aramith Standard Balls. Extending this, the Aramith Quality Certificate (for premier/green box balls) ensures the upmost control with the following: density, balance, diameter tolerance, sphericity, colour, surface polish and brilliance. In short, standard mass-produced balls will inevitably feature variations in shape, size and weight and therefore your poor shot or miscue, may not even be at fault of your own! If you are looking for the top-of-the-range balls that are less wear-resistant, we recommend the Aramith Premier Pool Balls, Aramith Tournament Pro Cup Casino Balls, and Aramith Billiards Tournament range. In addition to Aramith’s rigid testing and construction standards, these balls are individually calipered to ensure maximum uniformity.


Read more about Aramith’s Quality Certificate here:                                     https://www.aramith.com/quality-certificate

Aramith balls last up to five times longer than standard polyester balls and are a must for all skill-building at-home players, to professional pool, snooker and billiard players.