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A question we are regularly asked at The Cue Shop is “how do I change my pool cue tip?”  This seems like a daunting process for many of our customers but in reality, with the right tools and a little practice it’s a job that can be easily completed at home.  Other than the Stanley knife and the paper towels, you can find all the tools you need right here at The Cue Shop.


You will need:

  • New tips
  • Stanley knife/ Razor blade
  • Fine grit Sandpaper
  • Cue tip cement or super glue
  • Tip clamp
  • Rasp or File
  • Disposable cloth or paper towels


Now that you have all the gear, it’s time to start changing your tip.  Follow our step by step guide below and refer to the diagram at the bottom if you are unsure.  Remember to take extra care not to damage the ferrule or the shaft during this process. Good Luck!


Step 1

Remove the old tip.  You can use a Stanley knife or razor blade to cut the tip off, or snap it off as shown in the diagram below.  Be very careful not to damage the ferrule while doing this. 


Step 2

Prepare the end of the Ferrule. Use your knife to remove any remaining tip or glue that is on the ferrule.  You want a clean surface on which to attach the new tip.  Be careful not to scratch the ferrule - this can create air pockets under the tip and cause your tip to fall off during play. Lightly sand the top of the ferrule. It is important to have a clean smooth surface. Use a damp paper towel to wipe away any dust. 


Step 3

Prepare your tip.  Firstly, make sure you have selected the correct size tip. It is better to go for too large of a tip than too small as you can remove any excess later. Rub the back of the tip on the fine grit sandpaper and score the tip with the razor blade.


Step 4

Add the glue. Open your cue tip cement or super glue and carefully apply a small amount of glue to both the bottom of the tip and the ferrule.


Step 5

Carefully place the tip on the ferrule being cautious of oozing glue.  Wipe any excess glue away with the dampened paper towels if gets on the side of the pool cue shaft. Place the tip in the tip clamp and leave the glue to dry according to the glue instructions.


Step 6

Check the tip before removing the clamp.  It should be firmly attached to the ferrule.  Remove the clamp and gently rock the tip between your fingers.  If there is movement go back to step 1 and use more glue on the retry.



Step 7

Cut any excess tip if required. Now that the glue has tried, you can remove any excess tip. Place the cue tip on a flat surface and carefully slide your blade along the length of the ferrule, cutting off any excess tip. Take care not to scratch or chip the ferrule during this process.


Step 8

Shape the tip with your rasp or file. The tip can be shaped flat or with rounded edges, depending on your personal preference and playing style.


Step 9

Use the fine grit sandpaper to smooth out the joint area and remove any excess glue. 


Congratulations on changing your first tip!


You can use the comments section below to ask any additional questions – or just to let us know how you got on!!   

How to change a cue tip step by step

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